Artist's Statement

My art is about people: their beauty, their flaws, their uniqueness, and their similarities. Each of my works has a life of its own and is a journey in response to the person I am painting and the situation we are in. My works are developed through the creation of an underlying form which is built upon in layers on a spectrum from intuitive response to considered decision. In each layer the image is lost and then found again, until the final work resolves itself.

The media I use for my work include oils, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil. The use of these media is informed by a decade working as an illustrator, designer and photographer.

I am constantly inspired by the young people I have worked with as an educator, many of whom have lived lives characterised by trauma. I am amazed by the ways they teach me to see the world, and by their capacity for resilience and triumph.

Through my work I seek to reflect the world’s beauty in all its forms.