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Artist's Statement

Joe Lander’s art is about people: their beauty, flaws, uniqueness, and similarities. Lander seeks to find a balance between the enjoyment of media and representation of a subject, with attention to the interplay of colour, form, and light. Lander’s work has a strong focus on exploring and communicating about mental health and creating connections with individuals and communities.

Lander works across a range of media including sculpture with steel, wood and clay, and painting with oils, acrylic, watercolour. Lander also has extensive experience with block printing and drawing. His use of these media is informed by a decade working as an illustrator, designer, and photographer.

As an educator Lander has guided the development of young people from all walks of life, however he has chosen to focus on working with young people impacted by mental health challenges, or whose lives have been characterised by trauma. This work has been carried out through schools, Government departments and agencies, and through private providers. Lander uses art as a vehicle for creating connections and improving lived experiences.

Oil study
Artist's Statement: About Us
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